Handmade in Morocco

Our Moroccan baskets are hand-made in Casablanca, providing much need income for the local producers and their families.

Morocco is famous for it's wonderful souks - bustling markets filled with wonderful stalls selling all kinds of goods and refreshments. The baskets we import look equally at home in a blustery market square in Britain as they do in their native Morroco!

Woven from natural fibres and often finished with leather handles and trim these baskets are built to last - perfect as an everyday shopper, picnic basket or beach basket.

Our Moroccan shopping baskets are built to last and subtly stylish - the perfect everyday shopping bag, and 100% plastic free!

Sara Pickering

Whereabouts is Morocco?

Our baskets are handmade in historic Casablanca, a city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

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