Dusty Road in Kenya

Handmade in Kenya

Our Kenyan baskets are sourced through Bushbells, an organisation that was started by Kenyan born mother and daughter team, whose work selling vibrant kikoy clothing, is sold to raise money to support education in Watamu, on the Kenyan coast.

Bushbells sells all sorts of colourful kikoy pull-ons and shorts, shirts, towels and various colourful bits and pieces. With its profits it has built one school and is currently half way through building a second sister school, called Bluebells.

They are very proud of their ethical status, employing only four tailors, so the work they provide has a real impact on the communities they support. Knowing 'who' made your clothes holds special resonance today where there is so much that is mass produced. Jax (co-founder Bushbells) also works closely with a women's co-operative run by a friend of hers, where she is able to source many of the Butternut Baskets.

We love working with Jax and Team Bushbells, and trust them to source wonderful Kenyan baskets for our shop - which you can view below.

Bushbells builds classrooms, buys books, provides bursaries and supports a small community library. Bushbells means vibrancy and fun: think bright colourful kikoy clothes with a conscience! Bushbells is a purchase with a purpose.

Jacqueline Comyn - Bushbells
Bushbells Pupils
Bushbells Clothing
Bushbells School

Whereabouts is Kenya?

We work with Bushbells, a not for profit organisation working to support education in Watamu on the Kenyan coast. Bushbells source and select baskets on our behalf, working with local manufacturers and supporting independent businesses.

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